How To Remove Ticks Safely From Your Dog -
How To Remove Ticks Safely From Your Dog

How To Remove Ticks Safely From Your Dog

So I know nobody wants to find a tick on their dog … but let’s face it, ticks happen.
And don’t be fooled into thinking your dog is safe because you use prevention. Nothing … not even the prescription drugs … is 100% tick proof.
OK, take a moment to prep for the ick factor. Now you can mentally prepare to get ready to learn how to keep your dog safe if he does pick up a tick.
First, let’s review how these sneaky pests become attached to your dog.

Yikes, Is That A Tick!?

Ticks stick to your dog by firmly attaching their mouths to your dog’s skin. Once they get settled, they then begin sucking blood.

If you don’t remove ticks right away –  or within a few hours … their bodies engorge with blood they suck out of your dog’s skin.
An engorged tick is harder to remove. If you can catch them quickly it’s much easier.
So here are some techniques and tools to help you
and painlessly remove ticks from your dog.

Topical Tick Removal

Step 1: This is the easiest method. It works well for engorged ticks. Apply a drop or two of the essential oil Palo Santo directly to the tick. This should kill it within a few minutes.
, you could spray a small amount of alcohol on the tick. This will make it dizzy and it will immediately let go of its hold on your dog.
Step 2: Once the tick has loosened its grip, you need to remove it
from the dog’s body. Be sure not to burst the tick, as it may carry disease.
Step 3: Remove all the ticks from your pet’s body. Afterwards put them into a jar with a couple of drops of Palo Santo or a good amount of alcohol. Dispose of the tick when it’s dead.

Tick Twisting

Step 1:
grip your dog’s skin. Get a firm hold on the tick by pinching it. Then twist it in a counter-clockwise direction. You might need to apply a little pressure. This makes the tick dizzy and it will loosen its hold.
Step 2: Maintaining your grip on the tick, pull it out
. Once you have it out you can crush it by pressing it between two newspaper sheets. Or you can flush it or put it in a jar with Palo Santo or alcohol (as above).

Engorged Tick Removal

Step 1: Using a pair of pointed tweezers, grasp the tick as close to your dog’s skin as you can.
Step 2: Once you have a good hold on it
, wiggle the tweezers very gently to pull the tick out
steadily. Don’t twist or jerk the tweezers.
Don’t tug hard or use pressure that will cause the tick to rupture or separate from its head.
Sometimes, part of the tick may remain embedded in your dog’s skin.
Don’t try to extract it, as that can be painful for your dog. And don’t worry about it. It’ll eventually come out on its own.

Tick Removal Tools

A number of
canine tick removal tools are available
. The tick keys and tick twisters are both great options to try. They’re super-easy to use. I keep one on my key chain so I always have it if I spot a tick!
But If you’re gentle and patient, you shouldn’t really need these tools. With a bit of patience, 
the tick will give up and let go of your dog.

Take The Tick Worry Away

So don’t panic! If a tick does attach to your dog you can remove it 
  If you find that your dog’s skin becomes really red and inflamed afterwards … you can boost his immune system to help his body recover quicker.
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